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We are glad you have visited our website. The Elk City-Havana Parish of the United Methodist Church welcomes you to explore the information on this site and invites you to visit one or both of our loving small family churches. Each of our congregations is just a group of very imperfect people who are seeking to discover more of what God and His plans for us can mean to our lives. We believe that loving one another and supporting one another is an important part of being “Church.”  We believe you will find the atmosphere at our worship services both caring and inspirational. It is our desire to speak directly to life as it is and to live out our three point mission to grow in our faith. We don’t push our faith on anyone. We feel the New Testament calls us to love, share, and to invite people to what Christ offers. We don’t believe that includes arm twisting, extreme emotionalism, or bugging someone.  We are of the mind that there are also many ways of looking at things and that people do not have to all believe exactly the same way to share in the same church home. We believe that being honest and searching for answers to difficult life questions is a part of the Christian faith. That’s the reason the United Methodist slogan is “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors.” Most of all we want you to know that God loves you and that we would be delighted to have you worship among us. Hope to see you on Sunday!

Our Mission


 is to be a church that is:


Grounded in the Word

Rooted in Fellowship, and

Commissioned for Service


At the Elk City-Havana United Methodist Churches we are passionate about making disciples (followers) of Jesus. We believe Jesus is God’s Son, who came to earth and died on the cross, then rose from the dead. His sacrifice paid the price for our waywardness from God, so that now we can accept God’s free gift of forgiveness and eternal life. Growing in faith means discovering all the ways our trust in Jesus shapes daily living. Every event and activity in our parish is structured around three simple movements in our mission to help us all to grow in faith:


1. Grounded in the Word: We learn about God and our relationship with Him when we faithfully attend worship services, earnestly worship God, and commit to personal daily reading and study of the Bible.


2. Rooted in Fellowship: Sunday School and small groups are a great place to ask questions, share our struggles and hurts, make some new friends, and discuss how concepts are put into action. Prayer support and church fellowship events help us grow in community.


3. Commissioned for Service: Filled with God’s grace we intentionally share our faith and invite others to Christ and the Church. God’s love compels us to minister locally to those in need, support global mission projects, and give generously through our tithes, talents, and time.


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Our Beliefs


WE BELIEVE that God is understood in three distinct forms. Father, Son and Holy Spirit are commonly used to refer to the threefold nature of God. Sometimes we use other terms, such as Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer.


WE BELIEVE in one God, who created the world and all that is in it. We believe that God is sovereign; that is, God is the ruler of the universe. We believe that God is loving. We can experience God’s love and grace. 


WE BELIEVE that Jesus was human. He lived as a man and died when he was crucified. We believe that Jesus is divine. He is the Son of God. We believe that God raised Jesus from the dead and that the risen Christ lives today. We believe that Jesus is our Savior. In Christ, we receive abundant life and forgiveness of sins. We believe that Jesus is Lord and that we are called to pattern our lives after his.


WE BELIEVE that the Holy Spirit is God with us. We believe that the Holy Spirit comforts us when we are in need and convicts us when we stray from God. We believe that the Holy Spirit awakens us to God’s will and empowers us to live obediently.


WE BELIEVE that God created human beings in God’s image. We believe that humans can choose to accept or reject a relationship with God. We believe that all humans need to be in relationship with God in order to be fully human.


WE BELIEVE that the church is the body of Christ, an extension of Christ’s life and ministry in the world today. We believe that the mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


WE BELIEVE that the church is “the communion of saints,” a community made up of all past, present and future disciples of Christ. We believe that the church is called to worship God and to support those who participate in its life as they grow in faith.


WE BELIEVE that the Bible is God’s Word. We believe that the Bible is the primary authority for our faith and practice.


WE BELIEVE that Christians need to know and study the Old Testament and the New Testament (the Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Scriptures).

Our Services

We have our worship and Sunday

School in two locations. 

Elk City Church

Walnut & Lincoln Sts.

Elk City, Kansas

Sunday School 10:00 am

Worship 11:00 am

Havana Church

East Mary & Vore Sts.

Havana, Kansas

Worship 9:30 am

Sunday School 10:30am

For Special Worship Services see "Events" on this page.


Elk City  and Havana United Methodist Church



Mothers Day

May 10

Pentecost Sunday

May 31

Fathers Day Sunday

June 21


Patriotic Sunday

July 5

Come to worship then go have some more fun!

Everyone Welcome!


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the Elk City- Havana Parish,

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Dorma Sanders

Elk City UMC Treasurer

PO Box 1

 Elk City, KS 67344

Bobbi McClellan

Havana UMC Treasurer

 4540 CR 1450

Coffeyville, KS 67337

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Elk City-Havana United Methodist Parish

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