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Missions for 2022

National & World Missions in Both Churches

Saving babies from abortion through “Pre-Born Ministries’” ultra-sound program in which 80% of the women choose to keep their babies or put them up for adoption rather than terminate the pregnancy. Every $140 pays for 5 ultra-sounds resulting in 4 live births of God’s precious little ones.


“Helping the Persecuted” is an organization that helps Christians in the Middle East escape persecution.  58% of all Syrian and Iraqi refugees are Christians.  Every six minutes a Christian is killed because of their faith. Today, Christians are the most persecuted people group on earth.  As a first step in a long road to resettlement, Christian refugees are provided emergency kits of basic foods.  Each kit is $35.

Havana Methodist Church


Local Mission:  Cooperate with the Caney Valley Food Bank to distribute food in the Havana community for those in need.

Elk City Methodist Church

Local Missio : 1) Start a daily calling service (CareCall) for seniors who want someone to check on them daily to make sure thei are alright. 2) Continue a Food Bank at the church for those in need in the Elk City community.

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